Overview of the Slot Game Ramses’ Revenge

Although it is not stated in the game itself, Ramses is most commonly associated with Ramses II of the Nineteenth Dynasty. He was also known as Ramses the Great because he is widely regarded as the best Pharaoh ever. Building some of history’s most impressive monuments was how he passed the time between attacking Syria and North Africa. Ramses’s wonderfully goateed likeness has been immortalized in innumerable statues that have somehow survived to the present day.

Relax Gaming’s Ramses’ Revenge is an Egyptian-themed slot machine featuring his return. The embalmed monarch wants revenge on the careless adventurer who looted his tomb. You could assume that the term is only a clever title when you first glance at the 5×5 grid populated by tiny sprites. Ramses’ Revenge, however, is no picnic. Though appealing at first glance, the game has the potential to bite back. The free spins are a blessing, since they are far more powerful than they look at first.

When it comes to visuals, Ramses’ Revenge looks and feels very much like other Relax Gaming titles. Some games that provide an overhead view of the action are Snake Arena and Marching Legions. The grid in this example may be found in a crumbling courtyard with crumbling columns, stone floors, and random hieroglyphics strewn around. As the on-screen shenanigans progress, a soothing Arabic score drifts gently in the background.

Bets range from 10 percent up to $/€20 every spin on Ramses’ vengeful slot machine, which can be played on any device. Although the return to player (RTP) is above average at 96.15 percent, anything can happen in the short term due to the extreme volatility. The game may go in any direction, from tedious main-game sequences to unexpectedly rewarding bonus-game breakouts.

The developers behind Relax made a smart decision by giving gamers 4,096 options to win. All that matters is that three or more matching symbols appear in a row, starting with the leftmost reel. Additionally, it is simple to observe which symbols are winning since they sink into the floor when they form a winning combination. A minor improvement, but one that is considerably more aesthetically pleasing than, say, the payline counters used by Red Tiger.

The icons used are small and tiny, like the tokens used in collectible video games. Eight regular pay symbols exist, with the gods providing the highest payouts among the four low pay patterns. Anubis, Sobek, Horus, and Ramses are only few of the gods that receive the highest salaries. Combinations including these four pay off anywhere from 1.5 times to 4 times the initial wager for six of a type. It’s not a lot, but the bonus round wild multipliers and payout mechanism make up for it.

Features of the Slot Game Ramses’s Revenge

Generally speaking, not a lot occurs in terms of functionality. Mysterious sandstorms appear intermittently in the main game, but the free spins with their random multiplier wilds are the game’s crowning achievement.

The Mystery Sandstorm bonus can occur at any time throughout the main game. In such case, 2-6 waves will occur, each of which will deposit 1-4 mystery symbols into the reels. The hidden symbols are all revealed to be of the same sort.

The free spins round is where all the action happens. Two explorer symbols anywhere in view will provide six free games. Two mummies emerge from the tomb just before the free spins begin and take the place of the two explorers who triggered the bonus round. These mummies are a wild card that may be substituted for any other symbol. Keep in mind that wilds never show up in the base game.

If a group of explorers lands in a new area, the nearest mummy will relocate. By doing so, the appropriate mummy’s multiplier is increased by 1, and an additional spin is granted. Additional mummies are added to the reels if there are more explorers than mummies visible. In addition, the values of many mummies utilized in a victory are multiplied together rather being combined. Only four of the mummies can be in play at any given time.

If a player isn’t in the mood to wait for the bonus to activate during the base game, they can choose to forego it. Relax has tacked on feature-buy functionality anywhere it could find it for 80 times the original bet. The free spins bonus round is unlocked when two scatter symbols appear on the following spin. Technically speaking, the RTP is unaltered from the normal setting.

Slot Verdict: Ramses’ Revenge

Few surprises may be found in Ramses’ Revenge. The first is how challenging it can be despite the game’s cartoonish sprite art style. It can be challenging and time-consuming before you reach the rewarding sections, but you can always use the bonus purchase to skip forward (though this is no guarantee of success).

For the first three hundred turns, not much occurred. A few victories for around 30x kept people alive, but otherwise things were relatively average for a while. But that first bonus round really opened my eyes. When they landed where they were supposed to, even just two of these multiplier wilds proved to be rather useful. When compared to the rest of the game, bonus rounds were just as unpredictable. There were some duds and some pleasant surprises. However, we hit an almost 1,000x win during one of our bonus buys.

The free spins bonus round is intriguing because of the weird resemblance to Jammin’ Jars brought forth by the mummies multiplying each other. In the middle of multiple high payments, for instance, an x4 and an x6 might cause considerable mayhem. When a third wild multiplier is introduced, chaos might ensue. This energy is perfect for the 4,096-way to-win structure. With fixed paylines, Ramses’ Revenge may have been much more cruel than it already is.

Ramses’ Revenge ended up being quite similar to Marching Legions by Relax Gaming. In a similar vein, free spins may become completely out of control, with multipliers and winnings piling up like there’s no tomorrow. However, it may be just as aggravating when it doesn’t work. Ramses’ Revenge is a fun and unique video game that manages to elicit strong feelings despite its cartoonish visual style.

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