Casinos are careful to protect themselves against casino cheaters

Casinos are careful to protect themselves against casino cheaters by hiring security guards, casino employees, and even surveillance teams. This staff ensures that dealers do their job well or look for potential cheaters.

The staff is trained to be on the lookout for people trying to hide their cards or use their phones to enter slot machine cheat codes. This method is a passive defense against cheaters since front-line staff acts as a deterrence to anyone thinking about swindling the dealers or machines.

A few telltale signs will quickly give away a cheater at the staff, such as when they’re playing too many hands in a row without taking a break. Casino cheaters are usually identified when caught in the act more than once. If their method is not too obvious, they can go undetected for a long time.

Staff is also trained to keep an eye out for those who are consistently on their phones. One of the reasons why casinos block mobile phones or discourage patrons from using them is due to the use of RNG cracking apps. Slot machine determines which symbols appear in each spin through a random number generator. Cracking apps have a chance at knowing when a slot will have winning results that pay a large amount of money.

Casino Cheaters

Casinos hire ex-cheats as consultants to give training seminars for staff and security personnel. They know that without the knowledge to spot cheaters, they risk losing a lot of money. In Las Vegas and Atlantic City, casinos have the highest number of security cameras and surveillance per square foot in the world.

Consultants helping curb casino cheating is one of the smartest business moves management can make. They can teach casino staff and security the behaviors and mannerisms of criminals.

It is important to note that ex-cheaters are not allowed to be in the monitor room according to the casino’s code of conduct. Casino owners take this policy very seriously and will not make any exceptions to avoid having their consultants become liabilities.

Methods used to catch cheaters within casinos


Video monitoring in casinos is a great way to prevent casino cheating. It has helped casinos save money on losses and has helped them make more for themselves.

Casinos usually set their cameras to the momentum of a game, which is how they keep up-to-date with what’s happening on their tables. This is critical for preventing casino cheating and identifying staff colluding with criminals. Even hackers are deterred from using any slot cheating devices on cabinets within the betting floor.

Also, casinos have a set of cameras in key areas to keep track of the cards played. This is important because it can prevent cheating on their premises by telling criminals they are under scrutinous eyes all the time. Cameras are usually placed on the end of the table, near the dealer’s position, blackjack table, roulette wheel, craps table, and slot machines.

The camera coverage in casinos is very important because it allows security for potential dealers who are colluding with criminals. With the added security detail, dealers are less likely to pull off any moves that would give players an advantage in any casino game.


AI-powered surveillance systems can spot cheaters instantly. These systems can identify patterns in the player’s behavior such as how they bet or move their hands. Security can easily spot potential cheaters and criminals with the help of AI algorithms.

Modern security systems use sensors and an AI program to track people’s movements in casinos. This new surveillance system goes through its database to flag potential persons of interest on the casino floor.

Deep learning algorithms are being trained on data sets of dealer behavior to spot any anomalies that could signify cheating. This includes eye movements and facial expressions while cheating on blackjack tables.

Security surveillance will automatically spot card counters and find card shuffle patterns to keep casinos safe.

Additionally, AI-powered surveillance spots casino cheaters by noticing when a player’s betting pattern change.

It also detects when they’re acting strange, like if they’re sweating profusely. When a person enters the casino, they scan their photo to see if it matches any of the records in the surveillance database.

If a match is made, security personnel is alerted of the flagged individual.

AI-powered surveillance is on the cutting edge of security and safety. Casino owners can use it to detect anomalies and potential threats, like finding out if someone is showing signs of intoxication. With advanced algorithms, there are no human limitations on how efficiently a surveillance system can quickly detect problem gamblers or potential trouble makers. With this technology, casinos can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for their customers.

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