10000 BC Overview of DoubleMax Slot

In 10,000 BC, what was happening? Without a time machine, we can only answer that question through web searches, although life was extremely different then. Ice ages, animal skin garments, survival of the fittest, creating everything you needed to survive, and little contemporary luxuries. Hungry? Hunt something. Cold? Create fire by rubbing sticks. Bored? Son, no internet? Make a board game.

10000 BC DoubleMax from software creator 4ThePlayer embodies this spirit of creation. This ancient slot combines GigaBlox and DoubleMax from partner studio Yggdrasil Gaming. Both techniques have proved destructive on their own, but the idea of witnessing them function together for the first time was appealing. To celebrate this world-first event, 4ThePlayer created a colorful slot of the past. 10000 BC DoubleMax evoked recollections of 90k Yeti Gigablox, another brilliant GigaBlox game, and piqued interest about how the two features would function together.

Choose a 20 p/c £/€100 stake and select whether to employ the Golden stake before doing so. The Golden Bet doubles free spins and raises the stake by 25%. Ten000 BC DoubleMax is played on a 5×5 grid with 50 fixed paylines and has a 96% RTP from its medium-high volatility math model.

Pay symbols in 10000 BC DoubleMax are enormous and brilliant, like everything else. Bears, wolves, woolly rhinos, saber tooth tigers, and woolly mammoths pay higher than 10-A cards. Royal 5-of-a-kind wins are worth 0.3 to 0.35 times the stake, while premium wins are worth 0.4 to 1.5 times. Campfire wilds replace all pay symbols.

10000 BC DoubleMax Slot Features

Joining GigaBlox and DoubleMax, 10000 BC DoubleMax offers Mammoth Explode, Shuffle, and free spins.


Merged symbols form large GigaBlox blocks. Win assessments use these GigaBlox symbols as 1×1 symbols.


Winning symbols are removed from the reels to make place for new symbols. Before refilling, a wild symbol is placed to the grid each time. Not just that. The DoubleMax feature doubles win multipliers with each victory. The win multiplier resets for the following spin in the base game when no wins occur. Till free spins complete, the win multiplier does not reset.

Mammoth Boom

On random losing spins, the Mammoth may destroy symbols. This drops symbols to fill gaps and secure a victory. The win multiplier also rises.

Massive Shuffle

On a random losing spin with a massive GigaBlox reel on the right, the Mammoth may strike the reels, moving it to the left and assuring a win. Each respin pushes the GigaBlox reel one reel to the right.

Free Spins

Free spins are triggered by 3 scatter symbols. The win multiplier does not reset during free spins, and Mammoth-related features are more likely to activate. Buy free spins for 100 times the stake.

Verdict: 10000 BC DoubleMax Slot

4ThePlayer, they’re creative and don’t like making generic slots. 10x Rewind, 60 Second Heist, and 9K Kong in Vegas are examples of experimental games. 10000 BC DoubleMax is a perfect example of doing something new. This world-first combines two famous online slot elements and showcases them. DoubleMax was the outstanding feature throughout testing. Not to discredit GigaBlox, but there’s nothing like blasting through a bonus round with insane multiplier values.

The first bonus round of the session produced multipliers that may make even the smallest royal symbol win extraordinary. 10000 BC DoubleMax functions similarly to upper-tier DoubleMax slots. Perhaps not shoving Raptor DoubleMax off the podium, but close. Good thing 4ThePlayer didn’t just implement the two features and call it done. The Mammoth Explode and Shuffle were brilliantly added by 4ThePlayer to keep DoubleMax from surpassing GigaBlox. They both ensure a victory and highlight 10000 BC DoubleMax’s GigaBlox side, making them entertaining to activate.

To conclude, what could have been a feature overkill was a fun mix of two powerful game techniques. 10000 BC DoubleMax is a 4ThePlayer classic with a 10,000x the bet top prize, eye-catching visuals, innovative gameplay, and the capacity to achieve things no other slot can.

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