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DO NOT TRIP (REASSURANCE) - fuckthesethings - 03-13-2020 03:40 AM

I was on here not even to long ago guys. Right where you are sitting just looking at this forum. I was so nervous to have sex with any other girl after my ex. The reason wasn’t because my ex had said anything to me about these spots. And trust me i have these things all over my dick. I was just scared of what other girls might think or say. I was in deep ass depression over this for a while, until one day i was just like f**k it, i want to live my life and experience all the pussy i can get. I’ve fucked 3 bad bitches since my ex, NOT ONE female has said anything about these spots.They all Sucked my dick and everything, never mentioned these spots. We all have insecurities, but do we really take chances in the long run? Sometimes you have to say f**k it and go for it. I promise you a female will not say s**t about them lmao. Go to my other threads and find where i was scared shitless to f**k any other female. Hope this helped boys, y’all gonna be just fine i swear.

RE: DO NOT TRIP (REASSURANCE) - Kll92 - 03-20-2020 04:33 PM

I’m a gay guy but I can 100% vouch for this, I’ve only come out recently due to the fact I thought no one would ever want to touch me, genuinely, but it got to the point I couldn’t keep it any more and finally plucked up the courage to see someone. I have now been with about 6 guys and I’m genuinely stunned. 2 have had far more prominent spots than mine which I genuinely couldn’t have imagined before. I still probably had more than them but I think mines were harder to notice due to lighting etc. the other 2 had a few but no where near mine and 2 had none.. Absolutely nobody mentioned a thing about them. I will never accept or be happy with them and truthfully think they look awful but it’s comforting to know it’s actually quite common (from my experience) and I’m probably more concerned at the fact I’ve scarred myself from all the times I’ve squeezed them and have now damaged the skin. I have also mentioned before hand about the spots in case it would put them off(I genuinely think they’re that bad) but nobody has cared. Yes, you may get questioned about them or even have someone turned off but trust that there are people out there just as bad and people that don’t care.

RE: DO NOT TRIP (REASSURANCE) - Lots of spots - 05-26-2020 04:35 PM

How bad are your bumps? Mine is completely covered pretty much bump to bump in alot of areas.