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BHA Peel (first attempt) - fordyce-slaughterer - 08-24-2018 10:10 AM

Currently I have the mental and physical resort to start finally my intimate process. I deleted the other thread because there was no value at all, just that i done all possible medical procedures past seven years, expect micro punching which I think isn´t worth the money.

From my experience and failures of the removal of Fordyce Spots it´s a very complicated issue as there many things to consider.
Personally, i think Fordyce Spots in the intimate are the results of too much masturbation and bad lifestyle choices with sure some genetic aspects.

After the TCA treatment on my lips, it´s quite clear to me how deep these Fordyce Spots can be, how much clogged oil there is beneath the skin and what it takes to get some decent results if any.

I forgot to mention, this thread is just experimental and the opinion of a 25-year-old, who has no medical background at all. Therefore, I strongly recommend to not follow any of those documentations, instead go to your Dermatologists for advice.

This was a pretty quick failure, as the pain from the needle are not bearable and the whole procedure is very difficult to implicate if you really want to peel of the skin with this. I used a 2mm Dermaroller and just quit the treatment after 10 seconds.

Actually, i remember having done this 4 years ago going extremely deep into the skin. Quite suprising how much pain i have tolerated back then and how much blood there was. Nevertheless i will keep Microneedling in mind and move to BHA.

Just have put a BHA solution on both penis sides where most of the Fordyce Spots are. As the TCA Peeling on my lips, the skin turned white and i felt a burning sensation.
Also, i can´t believe that i also have done this 4 years ago and didn´t passed out from the pain. It´s a fucking challenge to get through the burning phase which can last up to 120 seconds.
Maybe i covered about 40% of the penis and it will be interesting to document how much skin will peel of, if the Fordyce Spots are impacted too and if it makes sense to continue.
There are two major down sides of this, the pain which i will need to compensate with doing a lot of exercice, staying abstinent and transform into a little demon. Also that the peeling is penetrating the skin not even, which means that it can result in an uneven skin tone and the full recovery phase goes beyond months for the skin to get even again.
I will try to do another treatment on my gland, even if there are not visible Fordyce Spots i can see tiny bumps on stretched skin which should be easily removable with this in one procedure if i can tolerate the short-term pain.

Coming down to lifestyle choices, i saw other users who had unbelievable results just from stopping masturbation and going dairy free. Personally, i think it´s not the dairy, but the abstinence which should change your oil production of the body positively. This is quite a challenge as I masturbate now a full decade regularly and can´t even imagen to go without it. Nevertheless it´s maybe the most effective treatment against Fordyce Spots in my opinion and should be still mentioned here.

-Fordyce Slaughterer

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - Ajay07 - 08-24-2018 04:47 PM

I believe that masturbation makes the spots worse some say it has no effect .

Also are you not afraid of causing scaring on your penis

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - fordyce-slaughterer - 08-25-2018 08:27 PM

Unfortunately I already have dozend scars on my penis from CO2 laser and peelings. Actually I wanted to cut out a big portion of the penis skin, but the doctor said it's to dangerous and I should live with the Fordyce Spots and scars. I would say I have about 40 Fordyce Spots on the penis, 100 Spots on the balls and 25 scar spots on the penis with a big black one from apple vinegar.

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - fordyce-slaughterer - 08-27-2018 12:38 PM

Update from 26th August.

I applied 50% TCA on some skin irregularities and the black discoloration. Because it was only done on small are as, the burning sensation was bearable.

Actually, I want to remove anything possible for an ideal skin image.

In addition, the skin peel already off from the first BHA peeling from Thursday and result is good but limited.

First, I am certain to reach a lighter, more clean skin tone and have an overall improvement of spots, scars and other skin irregularities with a full BHA peeling.

Second, it's not even close to remove the root of Fordyce Spots and the risk if scarring seems to be very high if I use a strong TCA peeling.

I will, if the pain doesn't hold me back, do a full BHA peeling first on the whole intimate area. That will be probably the most painful experience in my life, as it's possible to pass out from the pain. Maybe I should have some assistant just to check out my health condition. LOL

-Fordyce Slaughter aka. The Limitless

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - fordyce-slaughterer - 09-04-2018 04:49 PM


The TCA peel was to strong and I caused some serious damage, whereas the BHA peel was perfect.

I will do a whole BHA peel on the whole Intimate area to set the skin tone and even out the TCA damage.

I forgot, the TCA peel was still successful, see pictures I will upload soon.

Also I think that I will leave my penis like this, as it's possible to remove all 50 spots with some TCA layers, but its to dangerous for scarring. I actually don't know any treatment who won't do scarring as the spots are extremely deep and thick. We will see how it goes, but I am very confident and positive that I will reach the limit with BHA.

Update 05.09.2018:

I applied the 20% BHA peel on half of the intimate area with between 1 to 3 layers with a make-up pencil. I started with the complete gland and had the fear of passing out from the pain but it went better as expected running around until the pain faded.

I took a lot of photos, but not convinced to share them as their very hard to look at and I don't want to shock anyone.

Today I will do the rest and look forward to the result. It will end with having put the whole intimate area into a medium peel of mode.

-Fordyce Slaughterer

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - Ajay07 - 09-05-2018 04:00 PM

Do post the pictures it would be appreciated

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - fordyce-slaughterer - 09-08-2018 07:53 PM


I am concerned making the photos public, but its very insightful to see a graphic example. Here I will upload the current peel off later:

The BHA peel was a extremely success, that's for good damn sure the solution to decrease the appearance of any Fordyce Spots but it will be a repeatable act of sacrifice as long-term results are not predictable.

In my case, I want to remove the tiny scars from all previous treatments and which is a even more interesting, I want to have a more clean and light overall intimate appearance.

That sounds weird, but its all connected. I masturbated now a full decade, that led to thick skin, which clogged the oil and made the skin unnatural darker. Now doing the BHA peel, its possible to bring the skin back to a fresh and unused look as all the dirty skin will peel off with some Fordyce Spots.

And yes, no sexy time for me the next weeks and months.

-Fordyce Slaughterer aka. The Wizard

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - fordyce-slaughterer - 09-10-2018 06:45 PM

I have nearly healed out but penetrated the skin on two areas as deep as the TCA peeling from, I think, interrupted healing procedure.

It's hard to tell how far you can really push and if the risk / reward ratio justifies the continues use of BHA.

From experience, the most challenging part are the weeks and sometimes months of patience.

I did the treatment on the lips periodically every other month, which is a solution where I can reduce the emotional burden.

Because I don't think the TCA damage will heal out completely soon, I might do another treatment tonight or tomorrow after good consideration.

As for now, using TCA on big areas was a big fucking failure even in my case successful as I removed some skin irregularities which needed that deep strength whereas BHA wouldn't be strong enough without a lot of layers and repetition.

Also, I saw that my removal of Fordyce Spots on the lips got some users to try it out themselves which is a weird feeling for me right now but it shows the impact of my sharing especially the pictures.

Actually, I do believe that no one in the world, has tried out more stupid things than myself to get rid of Fordyce Spots and for god damn sure went psychopath and passing nearly out from pain pushing to the limits.

So, I have decided to post my penis on the internet here, but after I make sure its underlines clear results and improvements for actually any skin irregularities not just Fordyce Spots.

Coming to the point, I just need to periodically put BHA on my whole intimate area, adjust the layers, endure the healing procedure and make a conclusion about the results.

-Fordyce Slaughterer aka. Psycho aka. Limitless

RE: BHA Peel (first attempt) - fordyce-slaughterer - Yesterday 10:50 PM

Some minutes ago i started my second BHA peel and layered the complete glans three times which didn´t burned that much than expected.

I also could press on my glans to kinda penetrate the acid deeper into the skin, which was a little suprise because the burning sensation seems to last about 20 minutes after the initial treatment.

In preparation i took some pictures of my penis with a HD cam to prove the effectivness of the BHA peeling, but still didn´t made the decision to upload them here.

I will continue to treat the whole testicles with layering the 20% BHA about 4 - 5 times because i really want to go a little deeper than previous times and see if i can reach the Fordyce Spots or at least open them.

Ending the treatment, i will have covered the whole intimate area with 20% BHA with 3 - 5 layers, maybe more on some areas and will wait to peel off in about a week and heal out in two weeks if the healing procedure is going well.

-Fordyce Slaughterer aka. Pioneer of Fordyce Spots Removal