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Telling my story and looking for advice/comfort - ab412 - 05-31-2018 11:04 PM

Hello all
I am glad to have found this page as it has been a relief to me in many ways.

To tell a little about the fordyce spot journey I am on.. back in December I started to notice white "dots" on my upper lip on both sides under the skin. I was baffled as to what this could be and started to google immediately. I made an appt with my dermatologist and was seen sometime in January, she was a little uncertain herself as to what it could be and placed me on desomide for a few week which did nothing. When I came back for a follow up visit she had me start using a small amount salicyclic acid acne wash on my lips excoriated twice a day for only a few mins, while I feel this helped the appearance of spots to not be so white and more skin colored, they did not go away.

Fast forward to the present, the spots have gone from just the two sides of my upper lip to almost the entire upper lip completely. There are hundreds making my upper lip look like a sheet of white. I have become concerned this past week bc I have a burning feeling in my upper lip and the upper lip feels slightly swollen, especially if I am not keeping my lips hydrated, which I am constantly doing.

My dermatologist now wants to refer me to an oral medicine physician to make sure these are in fact fordyce spots and nothing anything else.

I guess I am looking for some comfort and wanted to vent, this has me very upset and self conscious about my appearance.
I also wanted to know if anyone else has a burning sensation on their lips ever and have you had fordyce spots form at a rapid pace? In 6 weeks time frame I have many more than my previous visit to dermatology, this concerns me.

Looking for suggestions of what lip balm etc you use for lip hydration
Also, want to use a tinted lip gloss or balm on my lips that would not make me feel so self conscious and was curious what products anyone uses? I dont want to add toxins in the mix of the issue but would like an organic product that may help cover up the white appearance of my lip.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Telling my story and looking for advice/comfort - Em3112 - 06-04-2018 11:58 AM

My advice is to definitely visit that oral medicine Physician and let him/her conclude.

I don't know how fast fordyce can spread but with regular Fordyce you should not have a burning sensation.

RE: Telling my story and looking for advice/comfort - fordyce-slaughterer - 06-04-2018 05:53 PM

Lip hydration won't work, as a medical doctor told me the same and injected hylauron into my lips. Nothing had changed, i believe it's definitely important to stay hydrated but nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is key.

RE: Telling my story and looking for advice/comfort - Chetna - 10-22-2018 03:09 PM

It is very difficult to find a doctor who can treat the Fordyce spots efficiently. You must consult a specialised doctor. However, it is believed that these spots do not pose any health risk, but you never know if there are any?
And to get rid of them for once and for all, you need to treat them using Laser technique that vaporises the spots and they never spread further or come back.