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1210nm - Brit90 - 05-12-2018 01:59 PM

Hi guys
My current line of interest is in 1210nm lasers. It seems this wavelength is very effective at melting Fat (sebum, the main constituent of Fordyce spots).
Watch this video

This 1210nm laser I believe is a relatively new tool for dematologists. I am currently trying to locate practitioners in the UK who may have a unit.
The manufacturer of this particular laser is called ‘ORlight’ and they are based in Argentina. The model in this video I believe is the Innova CX.
Another manufacturer of a similar system is ‘Gigaa laser’ Based in China. They make a product called the VELAS.
Keep your spirits up guys. I have dealt with this awful condition all my life. If like me you don’t want to go down the micro punch route then your cure will come from shutting down the sebaceous gland through selective photothermolysis. Fortunately for you there are so many methods being researched at the moment and some are close to being released (i.e. Sebacia).

RE: 1210nm - Bomber123 - 05-13-2018 11:28 AM

Hi, was wondering whether treatment with hyfreractor is worth it? Theres clinic in London where it costs 400-800? So thinking about it?
Also I am amazed that there isn't much more attempt to find a valid cure, seeing as they are finding ways too create a brain from a single strand of DNA. Surely sebaceous glands aren't such a obstacle to cross.
Anyway any response would be lovely.

RE: 1210nm - fordyce-slaughterer - 05-13-2018 09:32 PM

Will this not damage the skin? Actually i am not aware that there is any treatment who can guarante a permanent removal of Fordyce Spots in the intimate area. Sorry to tell you, but Micro Punch is a waste of money as the Fordyce Spots will reoccur what the doctor won´t tell you.

I tried CO2 Laser several times, where they destroy the Fordyce Spots with a tiny laser light but they all reoccured and left the skin on those spots with tiny scars. If you don´t have many Fordyce Spots, you can simply squeeze them out with peeking an entrance with a needle.

RE: 1210nm - Bomber123 - 05-14-2018 07:50 PM

I have a multitude on my genital so not the best - have you found any techniques which actually work to minimise look?
Thanks for response

RE: 1210nm - Brit90 - 05-15-2018 05:59 PM

I believe the hyfreractor has been established not to work. This is also called electrodesiccation.

I was under the impression that micro-punch worked. That's a shame to hear if correct. I personally wouldn't get it because of cost and due to how invasive it is. I have thousands of fordyce so i don't want thousands of scars.

fordyce-slaughterer.. Read up on selective photothermolysis as its very interesting. Unlike conventional lasers that burn everything, Selective photothermolysis uses wavelengths of light that will only generate heat when they come into contact with their target molecules. So they will pass through the upper layer of skin leaving it intact and burn the target underneath the skin.

Personally i think it is how this condition is ultimately cured one day. It may be through a specific wavelength of light such as 1210nm or 1720nm. Or it may be through microparticles that travel in through the open pores of the sebaceous gland, into the core and are then detonated with light. (See Sebacia for more info).

RE: 1210nm - Bomber123 - 05-16-2018 04:58 PM

Hi Brit90,
How long do you reckon that they will actually find a cure that works? If it you say that there are a multitude of methods being researched.
I almost feel that there should be a way to get support to try and raise the issue of fordyce spots, because despite there not being any physical consequences, it does notably effect your day to day life. I feel that it can't be the most difficult challenge for a expert to attempt to find a treatment for?
Any response would be great

RE: 1210nm - Brit90 - 05-17-2018 06:23 PM

It is a terribly overlooked condition. And your right it has a big impact on the individuals life.

I always try to research whats going on in the world of acne treatment. That's big money and attracts most of the attention of researchers.

When will a cure come about? impossible to say. in 2013 i was certain that it would have been cured by now, but it hasn't. the End of this year 2018 will be important because the FDA decision on the use of silica-gold micro-particles to treat acne will be released. I think this treatment will be used all over the world very quickly because it is cheap and uses the equipment a lot of dermatologists already have. I am not confident that this will cure our condition, but i believe theoretically it could.

in my opinion i believe we will have a cure as a result of dermatologists treating sebaceous hyperplasia under the eyes. For those who may not know another term for fordyce spots is sebaceous hyperplasia. They are the same condition just that fordyce is typically used to describe spots on the genitalia / lips. If you look at many people you will see that around their nose and under there eyes they have little bumps. This is sebaceous hyperplasia.

It wont take long for a dermatologist to figure out that people will pay alot of money to have this removed to improve their complexion. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be done using a laser that selectively targets the sebum in these glands.

the big question is when will this happen.

f**k knows on that one.