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Fordyce spots on top lip treatment - Fresh - 11-02-2017 09:37 PM

Hello guys, I have been dealing with Fordyce spots on my top lip for a long time now I didn't really notice it but I would say about 2012 it started to flare up, but when I went to see very old pictures of me like my senior year I always had them it just wasn't very visible at all I am now about to be 28 and they just started flaring up a lot the last few years and it's very embarrassing because for me a lot of them cluster up and they just look like one big white bump. At first I was like oh man is this herpes I went on Google and never had a cold sore blister or none of that on my lips and somehow I came up on Fordyce spots so I was relieved and I went to Dermatology Center in 2015 and they told me it was Fordyce spot so I felt a lot better but just like everybody was saying the lady was like oh it's normal it's okay here's some Aquaphor for your lips even though I was using that here in there along with Vaseline. So I finally decided to do something about it so I called the same daily Dermatology Center where I live in South Florida and asked if they have any treatments and first the lady said "what is that" so she came back on the phone a few mins later and said they don't really specialize in any treatments even tho it was a dermatology center. So they referred me to go to the University of Miami Hospital. So I got a check up about a month ago and the doctor decided to go to use the hyfrecator because he said it was the best and safest option for me and that the C02 laser can leave scarring especially if you have a more darker skin complexion I'm Spanish so I'm a little tan lol Plus way more expensive and I was always not so sure on it because I seen pictures before and after and wasn't feeling it. So he did a test spot on the corner of my lip with one tiny Fordyce spot and it's scabbed up I would say for about 3-4 days and came off but it was hard to tell if it was gone just because I had a lot surrounding it but it looks good to me so I just had an appointment two days ago and he went with the procedure and he zapped a lot of the spots on my top lip because I have a lot but its the ones that are clusters is what really bothers me. This is the second day now it's starting to scab up but I can feel the difference right away since they are oil glands and he zapped them I felt that my lips were not producing as much oil so it didn't feel chapped because before my lips would always feel chapped even though sometimes it wasnt. I'm a guy who likes to go out and you know talk to girls and just friends so this is hard for me and I was getting very bad anxiety which i never ever dealt with. Going to work was getting too much and I would never stay in the breakroom , mind you I work at an airport so I finally decided to do something and I'm glad I finally did. So maybe I will post some pictures you know it's very embarrassing but people don't lose hope because I was that same person trust me. I finally told my mom only a few months ago because I couldn't hold it in anymore and just needed to vent out and I felt so much better afterwards. I been growing out my mustache to cover my top lip and some ppl would say trim that lol I've realised some ppl would look at my lips like I see their eyes looking at my eyes then down to my lips it was so obvious to me. I became very antisocial stopped going out talking to girls. I've gotten way better with it the mustache really helps but it's ugly lol I lost a few thousand dollars in the past few months from not working as much as I have bills to pay but I had no choice, I hated going to work so when I did I only did a few hours. So I understand this was literally killing me I can't emphasize it anymore but it feels good to know I'm not the only one. But please stay strong cuz it can drain you mentally. Do things you enjoy, for me it was running. I would go out and jog and get my mind off that. I went to see a doctor who specializes in these skin conditions and man I wish I would of went years ago. The hyfrecator only cost me $120 and he zapped a lot of them. Now there scabbing up as I said so I'm just applying vasoline like he insisted and if I go out to apply sunscreen 30spf or higher but I haven't been outside. I stopped using cheap ass chapstick and been sticking to vasoline the past few yrs. I been wanting to write here for a long time I just always been reading the threads and made me feel better reading others ppls story. Sorry for the long post I couldn't help but write what I feel and to help other ppl suffering from this. Please ppl you can ask me any questions. Like I said my apt was on Halloween so I'm just being patient but I'm very optimistic and ppl just have faith like I had, I'm not religious I don't go to church but I talk to god in my own way and always kept faith with him and life in general so idk if that helps...I been taking pics everyday to see the transformation so I will post some in the future thank you for listening! I'm a male also lol

RE: Fordyce spots on top lip treatment - Snowy - 11-07-2017 11:03 PM

Hi mate, my first post here too.
Your story is very similar to my one and thanks for posting. How's your treatment going?
I've tried so many things to get rid of mine but it's just getting worse. I too have grown a beard but still you can see my top lip. I want to get some treatment but can't find anyone in Austraila that seems to treat the problem.
I've been putting Retin A on my lips for the past two weeks with no results yet they seem to be worse Sad