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dryness and irritation - Ronnie - 10-24-2017 02:13 PM

Hi all,

I'm new here. I'm 26 year old male from the Netherlands and started to develop fordyce spots on the lip two months back. Besides the way it looks it is also a really annoying feeling. My lips constantly feel dry and a bit irritated even when i apply lip balm or jojobo oil or whatever. Do you also have that? Any tips on how to do get rid of that feeling? The feeling makes me constantly aware of the fordyce and that doesn't help.

Thanks in advance!

RE: dryness and irritation - Samb12 - 11-02-2017 11:14 PM

Hi, yes I have a dry patch on my upper lip in the centre where my lips meet. It looks like a white patch, I don't think it's that noticeable untill I have my face in the mirror but it's white spots once close. I have groups of spots either side of this and in the corners. It only seems to be the middle that always dry, its not that noticeable if I use carmex lip balm it seems to keep dryness at bay but I have to apply it throughout the day. If I don't apply it's stays dry and peels eventually but the white spots stay.

I started noticing mine last year, what notice yours? Where abouts on your lip are they?

Kind regards, Sam