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2 Bumps Right on Glans.. - maxmaxed - 07-14-2017 05:31 AM

Hi everyone. So these appeared in March 2017 after some oral sex I had.. First one bump appeared, then in few weeks the second one. They are visible only when I'm erect. When I'm flaccid - there is a slight darkish spot on skin around that area but no bumps. Only when I'm erect they clearly show up.
I did STD test - clear. No burnin/itching/etc. I submitted these pics to online dermatologist - he said it's FS and I have nothing to worry about. I also went to my physician and to my dermatologist - they confirmed it's FS. I asked how to remove them and dermatologist said there is no way and no need to do it.

So I'm stuck with these. Obviously oral sex and sex in general became a huge problem for me. Anyone who sees it would think it's damn herpes or HPV. Nobody would believe it's FS. Not everyone even knows what it is. Nobody would ever take it in their mouth.

I'm thinking of applying Anti-wart Compound to those. I got that one off Amazon and I think if that acid burns warts it should burn these little bumps away as well. What do you think?

RE: 2 Bumps Right on Glans.. - maxmaxed - 07-31-2017 11:51 PM

Just got some update, they are even visible while flaccid as well. Look like just messed up skin. It's sad.