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Full Version: Is this Fordyce spot (female)? with pic
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Hi everyone. I am 21, with no sexual experience and uses Lactacyd for feminine wash. I already went to the Gyno last March and she was honest enough to say that she has no idea what they were. I just lately found out (through the internet) that it might be Fordyce Spot. I am really scared because after my menstruation this month, the spots (looks more like papules) seem to be multiplying to the point of becoming itchy. I was more alarmed because it reached the opening of my vagina( if you can see on the image, it is a white-ish). I am really scared. I am planning to visit the doctor (which would I visit, a ob gyne or a derma?) but I still am short with money (still a student), so maybe I'll visit on October. But right now, I would like to ask your opinion about my situation. I attached pictures, by the way. Thank you very much!

[Image: 40240569123804417835_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 85084102676395853444_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 57603419251197517289_thumb.jpg]

P.S. Sorry to use an adult hosting site, my images always appear broken whenever I use the upload attachment icon. Can someone help?
Hey, sorry to hear this is causing you distress. Some of your spots look like Fordyce, but I think most of us on the forum are more familiar with them on the penis. However, Fordyce is not suppose to be itchy. For how long have you had them?

Since you have no sexual experience, it's unlikely that you have an STD but I'm not a doctor, so I couldn't tell you. Could it be bacteria or a fungal infection? Have you been sick or started using products that you normally don't? These are some questions you may have to think about. Your best bet is to see another doctor, especially if it causes you discomfort. You could try a sexual health clinic and talk to them about a payment plan.

I hope you find a solution to your problem!
Hello Jojane.
I saw your pics and I think that this spots on your vagina are Fordycle Spots.
I think it because I have it in my penis since my 13 years old.
It is with that appearance because it is a little bigger than usually it is.
If I was you, I would be calm. This spots is normal. A big slice of population have it.
I don't know if you watch pornography, if yes, pay attention to the genitals of the actors and actresses, they have it too. I already saw it.

But, if you really want to go to the doctor. I think that the better option is a derma, because this spots are just glands of your derm.

Sorry my bad English, I'm brazilian and here we speak Portuguese. But I started to learn speaking English. I think that more one or two years I will be speaking English perfectly.
Good bye Jojane, I hope that I had helped you.
Hi Jojane, i wanted to know if had any diagnosis for those bumps.I seem to have the exact same thing on my vagina.Recently found out that I have hpv but my gynecologist told me that they are not warts. they are fordyce spots. Im a bit skeptical about her response but I was curious about what the doctors told you. Please let me ?
HI Jojane,

I wanted to know if you got any diagnosis when you went to see the doctor.I seem to have the same thing.I went to the see a gynecologist and she said that it was fordyce spots.I had an hpv test done and i was positive for it and wondering if it were genital warts.She said that they were not. I have the same bumps that you have. I just wanted to know if the doctors told you anything. i just want to get rid of them.Sad
hi jojane

i just wanted to know if you got any diagnosis after seeing the doctor. I seem to have the same thing but I am worried right now because I went to the gynecologist to get an hpv test done.The results came positive but she said that the bumps on my vagina are not genital warts rather fordyce spots.I just wanted to know what the doctors told u.I just want to get rid of these bumps.Sad
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